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Sven und Gjovalin von SCIU Bikes im SCIU Showroom in Hamburg



At some point, everyone should do what they are passionate about. And that‘s exactly what we do with SCIU BIKES. We want to build the bikes we dream of. We want to bring our understanding of passion for biking to the trails.

We love the sustainability of aesthetics. Our bikes are not just plain beautiful, but we see bikes as an expression of individuality and a certain attitude to life. We want to build bikes that give you a real kick in everyday life. Bikes that are technically superior but not divas: high-end and special.

SCIU Bikes Framesets Juniper Gravel Bike und Aspen Enduro Bike im Lager
Gjovaln von SCIU Bikes mit Aspen Enduro Frameset im SCIU Showroom in Hamburg
SCIU Bikes Showroom in Hamburg mit SCIU Juniper Gravel Bike und SCIU Aspen Enduro Bikes
SCIU Bikes Pantone Farbkarten auf Holzuntergrund

We are also about bringing people together and supporting a community, for whom biking is more than just cycling. We love the bond this sport creates between friends, partners, families and strangers.

That‘s how we, Gjovalin and Sven, also came together. We want to pass on and promote this passion with



For us, biking is the fun that starts where the roads end. In harmony with nature. SCIU lives this responsibility and enthusiasm for our sport.

Who are we?


Gjovalin is an experienced professional in the bike industry. After studying mechanical engineering, he ran his own snowboard store for a few years before diving deep into the bike industry. He has been involved in building up the Santa Cruz brand in Europe in sales and marketing from the very beginning. Gjovalin lives in southern Italy with his family and enjoys biking in the sun.


Sven loves the fascination of technology and design. In 2020, he came up with the idea of founding SCIU together with his wife and sons. His many years of know-how as an entrepreneur, marketing expert and mechanical engineer helped him. His youngest son now jumps higher, further and with more style than he ever could. The passion for biking remains in the family.

Sven und Gjovalin von SCIU Bikes im SCIU Showroom in Hamburg
SCIU Bikes Eichhörnchen Logo in weiss mit grünem Wald im Hintergrund
SCIU Bikes Eichhörnchen Logo in weiss

Our heraldic animal stands for all these facets of our brand: the squirrel.

Symbol of daredevil agility, sense of responsibility and sympathy and closeness.


SCIU is committed to a responsible approach to nature and our resources.



We compensate for the CO2 footprint of our entire value chain value chain from production and logistics to distribution with a reforestation program. In addition, we are successively reducing our own emissions. 



We plan to support a university research program to be one of the first bicycle manufacturers to offer our customers a recycling & upcycling program for carbon frames.



Last but not least - we support a non-profit organization to alleviate poverty in rural developing regions in the long term through sustainable change. We donate a fixed portion of our profits and additionally sponsor entire bicycles: Specially developed and locally assembled bicycles enable mobility where there is no means of transport. In this way, children gain access to schools, nurses reach the sick, and families get to marketplaces.

You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability in the FAQs under Service & Support.

Sportlicher Fahrradfahrer fährt ein SCIU Juniper Gravel Bike im Wald


The purchase of a bike is always a matter of trust. It is important to us that we can advise you comprehensively. Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions about our products.  We are always personally available for you. Please contact us in the first step via the contact form. So we know what it is about and can help you with a well-prepared answer.   


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